Córdoba turns to be a City with ample technical and creative capacities of its filmmakers and at the same time it has a long data Cinema club tradition.

It is the Argentinian province where the biggest amount of audio-visual professionals is trained, particularly in the provincial capital.
In the last decade the increasing film production has located the cinema from Córdoba as one of the most outstanding in Argentina at national and international level. Córdoba saw a new industry grow up with new employment opportunities and very skill manpower, to which the city was adapting itself and opening the way to find in its streets scenarios from TV shows, advertising, films, web serials, etc. This movement generated the urgent need of create an audio-visual law at provincial level and in other hand, to reaffirm the municipality engagement to stimulate the audio-visual production, recognizing the city as a big film set, introducing it as such inside the national territory as well as outside of the country.



Production Companies
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